Sunday, 2 March 2008

My Dream

I had a rather interesting dream the other night. I was out in York with my other half. Having been around most of the shops, and helping her choose a birthday present for her mum, we decided to head home. Good job I was sleeping, this is the average blokes idea of hell (however, it was time with her so it was all good).

I find myself at the train station. The train is late "Tree on the line at Huddersfield". Great, but hey, I only have to wait over half an hour. Lets find the platform. Oh great, its full. Hang on, turns out there is a service to Newcastle about to arrive before my train. Ahh, so this is not too much of a nightmare.

After a few moments, the train arrives and my mobile phone decides to go off. As I am trying to talk, the sound of the train leaving is drowning out the caller. I am dreaming this is along the lines of "Hi, it (whuur whuur whuur) from (huuummm) hospital (lound blast of train horn) interviewed really well (clack clack clack clack) on the ward?"
Now, its just a dream and undoubtedly this is just me getting the big fob off. Oh well, I can see in my dream there is a flight of steps up to a closed walkway where I can talk. After all, this was a hospital where a) I never worked and b) had my first interview on the 7th who phoned me on my birthday (last tuesday) to ask to give me people to phone as referances were slow comming through. Ok, I decided in my dream I wanted to fully explore the horror of this nightmare of being fobbed off. Much in the same way one may fully probe the site of a rotting tooth. I ascend the steps.
"Do go ahead" I say.
"Well, as you have experance of being a student within Diabetes and Endocrinology, we are offering you a job as a Staff Nurse on the diabetic and endocrinology ward in the hospital"
Bloody hell, this is great, lets keep dreaming.
"Yes, of course!"
"Right, well, it will be monday now before I can send the acceptance forms out, and it will be 6 to 8 weeks by the time your CRB check comes back and you can start on the ward".
"Thats no problem, thanks!"
"No problem, thanks for accepting!"
Ok, deep breath. Lets just see how long it takes for me to wake up and come back to reality.
Pretty much walking back down the stairs to find my other half looking at me and saying to her "I got the job" seemed to be a good point to stop dreaming and wake up. Which given that we both had to wait till near 5:20 for that sodding train which was 52 minutes late in the freezing cold and rain made sure there was no doubt about it.

So, 3 years training:Check
NMC Pin Number: Check
Job: Check

What makes this all the more delicious is that while I was turned down by 2 posts, one was going to re-interview me, the job I get was from my first interview.

So, I have moved. You will find me posting on the new blog. Just click HERE to visit!
See you on the new blog!


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Anonymous said...

You might want to go to the Dr. Rant blog. He has just put up a "tribute" to nurses which if you remember that just a few short months ago he didn't think nurses had the training to clean the floors. I posted a link to the post on this site which spoke about that specific behavior, but he removed it.

Arrogant hypocrites is all I can say

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Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

What a dream, eh. Love that train to hospital setting. So weird. haha.

Peny@cherokee scrubs