Thursday, 14 February 2008

An update

"I find it odd how I have interviews for everywhere but for the hospital I trained". Nursing student, "interview" 13/02/2008
Ahem. Ok, that statement came back to bite me on the ass. I have an interview on the 25th. I believe this could also be on the ward where I was for placement 5. By that I mean the ward I moved on the 22nd September. This should make the interview interesting:
Interview Chair: "So, do you know anything of the ward?"
Nursing Student: "Aye, I worked here did'nt I"
Interview Chair: "Do you know what patients we look after on here?"
Nursing Student: "Aye, looked after half the buggers meself on here lad"

Anyway, I am acutly aware of it being valentines day, so a happy valentines day to you all.


Elizabeth said...

All the best for the interview. Hope it goes really well. Where was your fifth placement?

E :)

P.S. Thanks for the relationship advice!

Nursing Student said...

My 5th Placement was on Infectious diseases and diabetes. As you can guess from my account of the time, we got a lot of nursing home patients admitted. It moved to the old CCU ward (which on by the time of the ward was being used as the short stay ward).

Hope the advice helped.
(A.K.A. "Nursing Student")